The Magician and Entertainer Jorgos coming from Greece and living in Germany, is certainly an outstanding artist in wizardry and magic. At the age of 8 Jorgos was bewitched by magic! He discovers life between reality and illusion. 1991 he invents the "Cine-Magic-Show" 1994 with help of Eberhard Riese-director and vice-president MzvD - he restructured this show, which is a firework of spirit and entertainment.

This mix of magic, action and theatre has earned a lot of international awards. Including twice the ultimate Merlin Awards for Worlds Best Stage illusionist. 

1999 he creates "Millennium Magic" with Peter Marvey. 

2000 the event " Magic of Jorgos" was born.

2008 & 2012 received The Merlin Award for "Best Stage Illusionist"